Bracelet Repairs

After a period, the pins which hold the watch bracelet together can corrode and break. This can be from metal grinding on metal, dirt trapped around the pins can corrode it or through general wear and tear.

There are many parts of the bracelet that can come apart. It can be where the bracelet attaches on to the case of the watch, throughout the links of the bracelet or even by the clasp.

We have a wide selection of pins and spring bars which come in different widths, lengths and styles. So, we can replace any pin on the bracelet. Even if there is a unique pin which we do not stock, we can cut, file and shape one to secure your watch bracelet perfectly. Or if it is a manufacturer's only style pin, we can have it ordered in.

Tag Heuer watch bracelet

Is Dirt the Issue?

If it is dirt which is eaten away the pins, we always recommend a full bracelet repair. This is when we will ultrasonically clean the bracelet, which will remove any dirt what is holding pins in place, check each individual pin and replace any which isn't secure. This will fully secure the bracelet for several years as we would tackle any potential problems before it occurs. As the problem many customers face by replacing only one pin is that the others may be on the way out to.

We Offer Full Bracelet Refurbishment

This is where every pin in the bracelet would be replaced with brand new ones. It will also come with a full polishing of the bracelet. This will remove majority of scratches bringing the watch bracelet back to a like new condition. Which can be an alternative to purchasing a brand-new bracelet. If for any reason the bracelet cannot be refurbished or replaced, we can quote for a replacement.

Clasp Reshape

When watch clasps are constantly opening and closing when it is being taken on and off the wrist. The metal can wear away. This is when the clasp no longer holds into place and has the risk factor of falling off whilst wearing it.

Most clasps can be repaired or reshaped. We can either replace pins or manipulate the metal so making it secure again and even tighter than it was when it was purchased, adding more years of usage.

Reshaping the clasp can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing. If for any reason the clasp cannot be repaired or reshaped, we can quote for a replacement.

Link Adjustment

When purchasing a new watch, most watches won't be able to fit the owner. So, it does require a link adjustment. We have all the correct tools and skill set to be able to remove any watch bracelet link, and most importantly doing it without damaging the bracelet. As many unskilled repairers can take out the links the wrong way which can destroy the pins and even damage the links.

Some bracelets like on Omega Seamaster can be slightly complex and come with multiple tubes which hold pins into place, and when removed and re-joining the bracelet back together, it needs to be fitted correctly. If any of the tubes have not been put back into place correctly, there is a risk of the watch falling of the wrist. Therefore, it is always advised that you have links removed professionally.

A One Hour Service

Standard battery reseal pressure tests can be done within one hour at our branch. No appointment is needed. We have all the correct tools and equipment to carry out the watch repair to the highest of standards. Click here to find out our opening times.

Postal Service

Where the estimated turn around is only 2-3 days. This is a lot faster than jewellers and manufacturers who can quote up to around 4 weeks for a battery replacement.

Collection Service

For our customers that live within London and surrounding counties and are unable to travel or leave their abode to go to the post office. We now offer a collection service. We will collect the watch from your home, repair it and deliver it back to you.

Need A Specialist Bracelet Repair?