Premium Battery Reseal Service for Your Luxury Timepiece

Our premium battery reseal service ensures that your luxury watch is protected and keeps ticking for years to come.

Top quality batteries

RWR sets itself apart from competitors by providing top quality batteries sourced directly from Switzerland. The organisation is proud to be the sole provider of Swiss-made Renata Premium watch batteries in the UK.

While standard Swiss Renata batteries typically last around 3 years, the Premium Renata batteries offer unparalleled longevity, lasting up to 60% longer while also remaining 100% leak proof.

Customers who opt for the premium battery reseal option will benefit from a comprehensive 24-month guarantee, in addition to an ultrasonic clean of the watch case and bracelet. This meticulous process removes dirt that may be trapped between the bracelet links and around the watch casing, kills 99.9% of bacteria (including COVID-19), and restores the watch’s original shine.

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Battery Replacement Information

When it comes to replacing a watch battery, certain crucial steps must be taken to ensure the proper functioning of the timepiece. First and foremost, it is essential to take into consideration the seal that protects the internal mechanism from dust, dirt, and moisture. Once you open the watch to replace the battery, the seal is broken, which makes it vulnerable to everyday contaminants like perspiration. Therefore, it is vital to take steps to reseal and pressure test the watch if necessary. Without a proper seal, the watch will no longer be water-resistant, leading to costly damage in the future.

Always Remember

Neglecting to take these precautions can cause the quartz watch movement to be harmed by the infiltration of contaminants, which could lead to the need for an expensive service or the replacement of the entire movement. However, by taking steps to reseal and pressure test the watch during battery replacement, you can help ensure that it stays in working order for years to come. Remember to take these steps to protect your investment the next time you need to replace the battery in your watch.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

To ensure the highest quality of work, we maintain strict standards when performing premium battery reseals. These standards include the following procedures:

  • First, we dismantle the bracelet from the watch head by removing the spring bars. Following this, the bracelet is submerged into an ultrasonic cleaning tank, where dirt trapped between the links is removed, and any bacteria is killed.

  • Next, we clean the case back to remove any dirt trapped between the grooves. Leaving dirt inside the watch can cause blockages or damage to the mechanism if left unattended.

  • Once the watch is opened, we remove the gasket and thoroughly clean where the gasket sits and around all edges of the watch casing and the internal watch mechanism. This meticulous cleaning ensures that no dirt or dust will cause damage to the internal mechanism.

  • We inspect the gasket closely for any imperfections. If necessary, we replace the gasket to ensure correct sealing.

  • The gasket is then coated in special watchmaker’s silicone grease and fitted back into its position. The silicone grease provides a protective barrier to prevent any contamination from entering the watch.

  •  Next, we carefully remove the old battery and inspect it for any leakage of acid into watches. We clean any acid left behind from the old battery and remove any crystallised acid to prevent it from clogging the watch's movement.

  •  A new premium battery is then fitted and the movement is inspected and cleaned before securing the case-back.

  • The watch goes through a pressure to ensure the watch is resealed correctly and back to manufacturer standards.

  • We then clean the head of the watch and bracelet thoroughly with the ultrasonic cleaner and by hand.

  • Finally, we check the spring bars and replace them if necessary before reassembling the watch.

A One Hour Service

The Premium battery reseal pressure tests can be done within one hour at our branch. No appointment is needed. We have all the correct tools and equipment to carry out the watch repair to the highest of standards.

Postal Service

If you are not local to our branch you can opt in for our postal service. Where the estimated turn around is only 2-3 days. This is a lot faster than jewellers and manufacturers who can quote up to around 4 weeks for a battery replacement.

Collection Service

For our customers that live within London and surrounding counties and are unable to travel or leave their abode to go to the post office. We now offer a collection service. We will collect the watch from your home, repair it and deliver it back to you.

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