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Which Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repairs Service Are You Looking For?

Jaeger LeCoultre watch battery replacement with resealing pressure testing up to 500m. We are one of the UK’s leading Jaeger LeCoultre watch repairs specialist. We pride our self on repairing watches to a high manufacturer’s standard despite only charging a fraction of the cost, and more importantly a fraction of the time.

Only the best quality watch batteries available in the industry are used. Therefore all standard watch battery replacements come with a 12 month guarantee and last around 3 years. There are other battery options available like our Premium battery reseal option. Which uses upgraded premium batteries and come with a 24 month guarantee. 

Everything mechanical, whether it’s a Car or a Luxury Watch it will need servicing at some point. This is due to parts wearing down over the years from constantly moving and grinding on one another. Maintenance is key to keep your pride possession in working order. After all prevention is better than cure. Jaeger LeCoultre watch servicing is necessary, and your luxury Swiss watch will last you a life time if maintain correctly.

We are able to service all Jaeger LeCoultre watches. Quartz and Automatic new and vintage. We only use genuine Jaeger LeCoultre parts when servicing Jaeger LeCoultre watches. All servicing comes with a guarantee.

How Much Will It Cost and How Long Will It Take?

Standard battery and reseal with pressure testing and a 12-month guarantee. All watch battery replacements can be done same day within an hour in London. No appointment needed. 

Single Function (time date only)
from £95
from £95

RWR is now the only UK company which offers premium battery reseal service and mini services.

Premium Battery Reseal:

Includes everything in a standard battery and reseal but this comes with a new premium watch battery which lasts up to 60% longer and is 100% leak proof. Additionally, a complimentary ultrasonic cleaning of the watch bracelet, for the purpose of removing all dirt trapped between the links. Instead of the usual 12 month guarantee, it will come with  a 24 month guarantee.

Mini Service:

Includes everything in our Premium package.

We will also re-oil the internal mechanism which will delay service intervals and give the watch a light polish (stainless steel only) to remove majority of scratches. Before and after photos are available.

Full Service and Overhaul:


Single function
Contact for estimate
Contact for estimate


Single function
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Maintenance Advice

Usually when quartz watches stop ticking, the first port of call is to replace the battery. But when you own a luxury watch like the Jaeger LeCoultre pictured below, you can’t just take it to your local market. As there is a very high possibility that they are inexperienced with dealing with luxury Swiss Watches. Swiss watches need resealing and pressure testing when opened. This is to maintain water resistance. When opening any watch, all protective seals are broke. Which will allow dirt, dust and moisture to enter the watch. When these contaminants enter the watch, it will create major damage to the internal mechanism, resulting in an expensive Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Servicing bill. Therefore, by getting the Jaeger LeCoultre watch battery replacement professionally, it will delay the service intervals.

Why is my watch ticking every 4 seconds?

Top quality quartz watches tend to use ETA mechanism. These mechanism tend to have an EOL (end of life) indicator. This is when the watch seconds hand jumps in 4 second intervals to let you know the watch battery life is now coming to an end. This special feature is there to ensure that you replace the watch battery promptly to minimise any potential damage. For example, when watch batteries die, they can leak acid. To delay Jaeger LeCoultre watch servicing, always replace your watch battery at your earliest convenience.

Battery acid is the number one cause of Quartz watches requiring a service. There is many reason why the battery could leak. Despite having a top quality Swiss batteries fitted, the battery will still leak once it has died. Even cheap quality batteries will leak whilst it still has battery life. This is why is always important to use professionals whom use the best materials to provide quality watch repairs. Rather than trying to find the "cheapest" option, which will save money in your pocket today, but can cost you more further down the line. After-all, we live in a world where you pay for what you get. We now offer a Premium watch battery option. These batteries are 100% leak proof, so once the watch battery is dead, it will never leak into your watch. Click here to find out more about our new premium watch batteries.

Automatic watches do not rely on electrical currents to keep them ticking. They have a very complex mechanism containing 100's of parts, which all work together in order to keep the watch functioning and keeping respectable timing. It's an elegant mechanical mechanism that conveniently powers itself. The self-winding rotor allows; if worn regularly, an automatic watch to keep itself ticking. Unlike the vintage mechanical watches, doesn't need winding by hand.

Mechanical watches have a magnificent internal working, which shows off true craftsmanship. However, they are all notorious for keeping less than perfect time. Most automatic watches have a time keeping tolerance of 15 seconds plus/minus per day. Which every so often you will have to readjust the time.

Over time, this can cause damage to the screw down crown. As with quartz watches they crown doesn't get much action as you only use it change the time twice a year and when the watch is accompanying you abroad. When the crown screw thread wears down, it is important to replace it in order to maintain water resistance.

In some cases Jaeger LeCoultre  watches could be losing/gaining a significant amount of time per day. Rather than going straight to a full Jaeger LeCoultre watch servicing. Which consists of a full strip down of the internal mechanism. Replacing worn components with brand new ones. We can just regulate the time keeping. By opening the watch, making minor adjustments to get the watch back within the tolerance, and of course resealing it.

Watch polishing 

Wearing the same watch frequently does come with the usual complications through wear and tear. This is light scratches and dirt which gets trapped between the links. When wearing the watch regularly, dead skin cells, sweat and other containments can build up especially between the links. Dirt between the links can end up corroding the pins which can make the bracelet weaker. Ultrasonic cleaning of the bracelet does remove all dirt trapped between the links which does prevent this. It also brings back the shine to the watch.

Watch Cleaning

Watch bracelets end up getting scratched with time. Especially on the clasp. As this is the main point of the watch bracelet which will get the most surface scratches. Watches that have two tones, shine and a matt finish, when scratched ruins the look. You wouldn't be able to decipher the difference between the finishes. A full watch polishing will bring the watch back to looking like new again. With majority of scratches being removed and bring the two different tones back to life again.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repairs
Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Battery Replacement

The Range Of Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repairs

Jaeger LeCoultre Standard Battery and Reseal

Top quality Swiss made batteries that come with a 12 month guarantee. These batteries tend to last around 3 years on average. The watch will be resealed to maintain water resistance.

Jaeger LeCoultre Premium Battery and Reseal

New premium Swiss made watch batteries which come with a 24 month guarantee. The premium watch batteries last 60% longer than the standard batteries and are 100% leak proof. Customers that opt in for the premium battery option get a complimentary ultrasonic cleaning of the watch. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Mini Service

Re-oiling of the internal mechanism which will help delay service intervals. A new premium Swiss made battery fitted. Customers who opt in for a mini service will get a complimentary polishing of the watch. This will remove majority of scratches on the bracelet and bring the watch back to its original condition.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Servicing

Quartz Watch Servicing 

When quartz watches need servicing, apart from age, the leading cause tends to be battery acid. This is can be by using cheap quality batteries or from leaving dead batteries in the watch. Resulting in the watch no longer responding with a new battery. When servicing Quartz watches, usually it is faster and more cost effective to replace the internal mechanism with a brand new one.

Mechanical Watch Servicing

Mechanical watches are very complex. There can be a number of issues with the mechanism. It can be losing/gaining time or completely stopped. With time keeping issues, we may be able to regulate the watch. This will make the watch keep more reasonable time. If regulation is not possible, the watch will need a full service and overhaul. 

This is a full strip down of the internal mechanism. Where all parts are inspected individually for imperfections. Parts that are not up to standard will be replaced with original parts. The watch mechanism will be oiled, reassembled and regulated to keep good timing. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Pressure Test

Pressure testing watches is to ensure the watch is water resistant. As there is many reason why moisture can get into the watch. It can be due to old and broken gaskets around the crown, glass or case back. Or if the crown or glass is it poor condition. 

Watch owners who frequently swim with their watches are advised to have regular pressure tests. As if moisture does get into the watch it can cause £100's even £1000's of damages.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Cleaning

Watches are exposed to dirt on a daily basis. Dirt mainly gets trapped between the links and the clasp. It is advised to have the watch regularly cleaned as it will help maintain the life of the watch bracelet. As the dirt can and will corrode the pins which hold the bracelet together. Our ultrasonic watch cleaner removes all dirt and brings back the shine to the watch.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Polishing

Watch scratches can make any luxury watch look old and tired. A full watch polishing will bring any watch back to life. Our highly skilled watchmakers with years of hand and machine polishing experience, can remove majority of scratches and leave any watch looking like new. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Bracelet Repair

As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link. This also applies to watch bracelets. There is many different types of pins and spring bars that keep your pride possession safe on your wrist. These metal pins can and will get weaker with age. However, regularly changing them will be beneficial. As you would tackle the problem before its to late. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Strap Replacement

We have a wide range of watch straps available to purchase. If we don't have what you are looking for in store we can order in exactly what you are after. Whether you are after the original branded watch strap, genuine crocodile leather watch straps, or vegan leather imitation watch straps we can supply and fit it. 

Jaeger LeCoultre Glass Replacement

Watch glasses will crack or get scratches over time. Replacing watch glasses is necessary if it there is a crack. As this will allow moisture and other contamination into the watch. In most cases, there would be shards of glass on the watch dial. If it is left, it can get into the mechanism resulting in the watch needing a full service. 

Why choose RWR for your Jaeger LeCoultre watch repair?

We know that your watch isn't just an instrument to tell you time. After all, we all have mobile phones on our person which tells us time accurately. Your watch is a precious time piece which reflects you as a person. for example, it could be a status of wealth or even a priceless gift from a loved one. Therefore every watch can tell its own personal story which no amount of money can replace.

We have highly skilled technicians and watchmakers so your watch will be in the safest of hands. So whether you require a basic repair such as a bracelet adjustment or a battery replacement, or a technical repair such as a full restoration. RWR is here to handle all your basic and complicated watch repair needs. By using Ross Watch Repairs we can ensure you will receive the following:

High Quality watch parts

We only buy and use the best quality parts available. All our batteries are Swiss made which are the best money can buy. We always aim to use original watch parts. When these may not be available (if the part is discontinued) we will use high quality compatible replacements.

High quality tools and equipment

By using industry leading tools and equipment, we know our repairs will always be to the highest standard.

Fast turnaround times

Majority of Jaeger LeCoultre watch repairs can be done same day within an hour.

Guarantees on our workmanship

All work comes with a guarantee. This can be either 12 month or a generous 24 months.

Knowledgeable staff

With constant training our staff are always up to date with the watch repair industry. There is always a senior member of staff with at least 10 years experience present on all branches.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Servicing

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repairs in London

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Postal Watch Repairs

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Repairs near me?

Trying to find a local Jaeger LeCoultre watch repair specialist can be difficult. However, anyone in the UK can now use our professional watch repair service. This is by utilising our fast and efficient postal watch repair service. 

All you need to do is obtain an estimate from us via email, WhatsApp or telephone. Securely parcel your watch, include all contact details along with what watch repair service you require, visit your local post office and send the watch directly to our workshop. Its that easy!

Postal Watch Repairs FAQ

How long is a piece of string? Every watch repair is unique and all prices do depend on different variables. If the watch bracelet is broken there is a few things we will take into consideration. Where on the bracelet is the damage? Size and shape of the pin/spring bar? Would it need original manufacturer parts?   

A Jaeger LeCoultre watch battery replacement starts from £95. This will include resealing and pressure testing. Prices all does depend on the model of the watch. As all watches have different requirements. Contact us today in order to get an accurate price. 

Anyone can attempt to change the battery in their watches themselves. But If you don't have the correct skills, tools or knowledge you can end up causing major damage to the watch. As there is potentially many things you need to take into consideration. level of water resistant and how to safely replace a battery without damaging the internal mechanism. Which if it does happen, it can end up costing you £100's of pounds. This is why it is always advised to have your battery replaced by professionals.

Royal Mail special delivery is the safest way to send the watch to our workshop. The watch will be traceable each stage of the journey and it will come with adequate insurance. Follow our step by step guide on how to use our postal watch repair service.

Royal Mail special delivery is used the whole jeweller industry. It is the safest and most reliable method. 

A Jaeger LeCoultre watch battery replacements can take just 3 working days via our postal watch repair service. This is extremely quick comparing to manufacturers who can quote around 6 weeks for the same service.

We always take payment once all work has been completed. We will send a secure payment link via email, text or WhatsApp. 

When sending your watch via Royal Mail, you can ask a member of the post office to put insurance on the parcel to the value of your watch.

1-hour Turnaround at Our Branches No Appointment Needed

Simply come into our branch and we will carry out the battery, resealing and pressure testing within 1 hour.

Collection Service for London And Surrounding Counties

RWR is the first company to offer door to door watch collection service. This is for those who do not have the time to travel to get their watches professionally repaired.

1-5 days Turnaround Via Our Postal Watch Repairs Service

For those who are not local to our branches, you can send the watch directly to us for repair. Our turnaround time is second to none and we even offer free return postage.

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