Watch Repairs In London Bridge

Visit us at our branch at the Shard Retail Arcade today for watch repairs in London Bridge. 

Watch Repairs At The Shard Retail Arcade

If you're in the London Bridge area and need a watch repair, we're here to help! We specialise in same-day watch repairs at The Shard Retail Arcade. While there are multiple entrances to the arcade. We understand that it can be challenging for new visitors to find their way to us. But don't worry - once you know where we are, it's easy to find us from then on out. The twist and turns of London's streets can make it challenging, but don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll be happy to guide you to our location. Alternatively, you can take a look at the detailed descriptions and imagery provided below, which outlines the different entrances to the arcade and how to reach us.

Entrance From The Tube station

To reach our branch, start at the London Bridge Tube Station and make your way to the northern line and jubilee line entrance. As you walk towards The Shard Retail Arcade, you’ll notice the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked cupcakes wafting towards you. Follow your nose and turn towards the Lola’s Cupcake stand, located right at the entrance of The Retail Arcade.

Once inside, take a look around and you’ll immediately see our shop next door to Itsu. If you position yourself strategically, you’ll be able to gaze directly across the arcade and spot the gleaming Starbucks sign. Which is located just opposite from us. And if you’re still unsure about where we are, don’t worry - you can refer to the images we’ve included to guide you straight to our doorstep.

Entrance From The Shard and News Building

If you find yourself near The Shard Office entrances at the Bus Station and News building, don’t worry - we’re still easy to access. Head towards the escalators in front of the News building, which will take you directly down to The Retail Arcade. As you make your way downwards, keep your eyes peeled and you’ll notice our shop. It is situated directly in front of the vibrant Starbucks outlet. If you need additional guidance, check the images we’ve provided - they’re the perfect reference point for finding your way to us.

Entrance From The Shangri-La - Guys Hospital

London Bridge is home to many popular attractions, including the iconic Shangri-La hotel. We're located just a stone's throw away from this popular spot, making us super easy to reach. To find us, stand facing the Shangri-La hotel with Guys Hospital in the background. Look out for the entrance to the London Underground and make your way towards it. Take a left turn at "The View from The Shard" and continue until you reach The Shard Retail Arcade. As soon as you enter the arcade, you'll spot our shop standing opposite the vibrant Starbucks outlet. For added clarity, please refer to the images we've provided - they should help you identify the exact location of our shop.

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Excellent service - really fast, my Tag Heuer had the battery replaced and was carefully cleaned on return. Very happy, and will use again - Thanks guys!

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