New Swiss Made Renata Premium Watch Battery

We (Ross Watch Repairs) are excited to be the first watch repair company to offer customers new Renata Premium watch batteries.

“Why the excitement you wonder? It’s just a battery you say?”

You have never been so wrong in your life!

Until now, the bet quality Swiss Made batteries on the market would only last 3 years on average. Once the battery dies you would have to rush to get it replaced. Because as soon as the watch battery dies it will start to leak acid. This can be very harmful to any watch. Over an unpredictable amount of time, could be days, weeks, or months the acid will corrode the internal mechanism. The result will be the watch needing a very costly service and overhaul. Therefore, all manufacturers recommend getting the battery replaced professionally as soon as possible. Majority of swiss watches has a EOL (end of life) indicator. The low battery indicator is to let watch owners know that their watch battery is about to run out. This is when the watch no longer ticks every second. It stops and then jumps 4 seconds at a time.

But now in this new era Renata has solved this problem and revolutionised the watch industry

Renata have developed high performance watch batteries. That have been created for maximum power and sustainability. In comparison to the best quality batteries on the market, they have up to 60% additional lifetime. That’s around an amazing half a decade of battery life. These batteries are made of silver oxide and has 0% Mercury and 0% lead which is great for the environment. Not only do they last up to 60% longer, but Renata have also invested a lot a lot of money into extensive research and development to make these batteries 100% leak proof. This means you no longer need to worry about the internal mechanism once battery dies. The number 1 cause of quartz watch servicing has been resolved. This will save Quartz watch owners hundreds even thousands of pounds.

The Renata Premium watch battery has been tested and approved by several important 3rd party companies.

We are that impressed with the new batteries, that we have extended our guarantee from 1 year to 2 years if our customers opt in for the new Swiss Made Renata watch battery.

There are over 50 different watch battery sizes. Unfortunately, the Renata Premium watch batteries are only available in 5 sizes. This is a range of most common watch batteries for luxury watches such as TAG and Omega.

Contact us today to see if your watch qualifies for the new state of art watch battery, or if you require more information.

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